What is biblical redemption?

What is redemption?

To redeem something, means to set free by paying a price. Generally you would redeem land and sometimes people. Redemption is the act of buying something back, or paying a price to return something to your possession. Redemption always involves going from something to something else. Generally from slavery or bondage to freedom. The bible speaks of God redeeming us from the bondage of sin though his work on the cross!

Redemption: is a process
Redeemer: is the person
Ransom: is the payment

Religion and redemption are not the same. Religion is about what you do to be close to GOD. Redemption is about what GOD DID, for you to be close to him. Redemption is the opposite of religion.

Religion says
1. God will love you if you obey

-Redemption says GOD loves you now. The redemption of Jesus Christ says that GOd demonstrates his love for us in this, while we were still enemies, will we were still NOT obeying, while we were still jacked up sinning away GOD DIED FOR US. IN LOVE he died for us, HE LOVED US his life, death, burial and resurrection HE LOVES US. IT WAS his kindness and goodness that lead us to repentance. AND because God loves you, you can LOVE GOD and obey him BECAUSE his love for you IS WHAT CHANGES YOU. Religion says God will love you if you obey. Redemption says God loves you NOW.

2. Good people vs bad people

-Religious people try to classify the entire world into two groups. Good people and bad people.

-Redemption says there are two types of people. Repentant and unrepentant people. BECAUSE all people are bad.

3. Do this. Don’t do this

-Religious people talk about what we do and don’t do. Redeemed people talk about what Jesus has done!

4. Birth

-Religious people care about your birth and nationality and the tradition of your family. They ask questions like, were you born Christian, or were you born into a christian family. Jesus doesn’t care where you born he only cares if your born again.

Ultimately, redemption is about what Jesus has done for us not about what you DO FOR GOD!


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